Naturalline Acupuncture & Herbs


“I fractured my right ankle at work. After one month with an orthopedist whom my Workers Compensation instructed me to see, the doctor suggested acupuncture for better results. I was wearing crutches on my first visit to Dr. Li. Two weeks later, I was free of them! I feel pretty good now.” - Judy Nixon-

“I had nose allergy and asthma for 20 years and had been sent to the Emergency Room several times. I was so heavily medicated that I always felt fatigued. After going through Dr. Li’s acupuncture treatment, my nose allergy disappeared. My asthma is now under control. I feel more energetic and healthier than ever before!” - Alice Spencer-

“I had foot pain for seven years. None of the many medications I took improved my condition. I spent many sleepless nights, particularly when the pain was severe. A few treatments by Dr. Li later, my pain is gone. Dr. Li and acupuncture saved my foot!” - Hongling, Yan -

“I had back pain for two years. The pain was so severe that it kept me bedridden for two weeks. I chose acupuncture instead of undergoing surgery. After 5 sessions with Dr. Li’s acupuncture technique is wonderful!” - Bob, Zhu-